Water Use in Agriculture

Agricultural water use is expanding across the country due to improvements in irrigation technology and efficiency. Our group seeks to evaluate the environmental and economic impacts of this land use change. We work with numerical and spatial models to interpret and estimate irrigation adoption, and we use our results to better design management plans that promote farmer income and resource sustainability. 

Watershed Management

Nutrients play a vital role in critical zone processes, and critical zone processes are vital to achieving environmental harmony. Our group seeks to better understand the function of Florida watersheds to plan for a sustainable and resilient future. We target the impacts of both agricultural and urban land cover, and use a combination of field, lab, and computer methods to accomplish these goals.  

Urban and Environmental Planning

As the global population increases, so does the intensification on environmental resources. Relieving this intensification requires holistic and adaptive management plans. Our group seeks innovate strategies that better prepare for a sustainable future where people live in balance with their surrounding environment. 

Global Development

Everyone relies on land and water resources, but their distribution and availability are widely variable. Our group seeks to advance developing areas through practical and sustainable actions. Each member of our group participates in a development project that equips a group or community with the tools necessary for effective decision-making and improved environmental production.