We are currently seeking:
- 1 undergraduate student

If you are a passionate, motivated, and hard-working student interested in joining the UF Land and Water Lab, please send a CV, writing sample, and your ideal research interests to ssmidt@ufl.edu.

What to expect:

We are a fast-paced, high production group with a desire to streamline the academic experience. We believe that documentation and data sharing is a significant component to modern science, and we seek to enable others (both in- and out-of-house) with the tools necessary to be successful in their efforts. We also strive to connect with the public and often participate in service-based research experiences. Each member of the lab will work on dual-monitor PC set-up in our group's GIS lab, split with the Pedometrics, Landscape Analysis and GIS Laboratory. We also share a field-based hydrology space with the Landscape Hydrology Lab

Expected of you:

1. Dedication, determination, and persistence
2. Attendance/participation at department functions
3. Curriculum organization
4. Availability ~8am-4pm
5. Attendance/participation at 1 national conference/yr + local symposiums
6. Documentation of research, curriculum, and departmental experiences
7. Writing and submitting at least 1 research grant/fellowship/yr
8. Weekly meetings to discuss progress, goals, and impediments
9. Participation in a service-based project

I can provide:

1. Research training
2. Writing development
3. Networking
4. Career planning/mentoring
5. Funding for conferences
6. A positive/supportive/collaborative environment
7. A work-life balance
8. Advocacy for you

UF can provide:

1. Graduate student health insurance
2. Graduate student union
3. Graduate certificates
4. Land-grant extension opportunities
5. World-class speakers
6. Affiliation with UF/IFAS and UF Water Institute
7. A nationally top 10 public university
8. A globally top 10 agricultural science university